Ukraine Doubles its IT Outsourcing Services Market

“Ukraine is the world’s fifth biggest IT services exporter and has the highest outsourcing market volume in Europe. The country’s IT sector demonstrates the fastest-growing rates and predicted to exceed 1 billion value in 2011.”

According to the annual review of IT outsourcing markets in 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, conducted by Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association (CEEOA) Ukraine’s exports of computer software will exceed 1 billion USD in 2011 making up one-fifth of total figure in CEE region.

Ukraine is the world’s fifth biggest IT services exporter and features the highest outsourcing market in Europe of estimated 800 million USD, in 2010. The country continues to hold the 4th position in the world in the number of IT specialists, following the USA, India and Russia.

The country’s Vice Prime Minister Serhiy Tyhypko, who is known for his pro-IT views and pivotal role in helping industry to weather the New Tax Code Storm announced about government’s active position in supporting hi-tech industry and education to make IT the fastest growing export-oriented sector of the country.

The steel export totals 2.8 billion USD, the export of agricultural products is up at 9.5 billion USD, and chemical products export reached 3.5 billion USD. And the export of software products is worth 1 billion USD. Moreover, the inflow doubles each year,” said the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.


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