Ukraine – in TOP 100 Silicon Valley’s Imported Talent State

Ukraine – in TOP 100 Silicon Valley’s Imported Talent State

With no doubt, Silicon Valley still remains the center and worldwide leader in technologies, innovations, and highly talented specialists.

It’s not a secret that half of all Silicon Valley’s successful startups and companies have been founded by foreigners. Specialists from Bloomberg Businessweek did some research to find out what countries and states export the highest number of IT talents to this cluster of world leading technology.

It’s interesting, but not surprising that Ukraine is on this list, as Ukraine is ranked 4th Place Worldwide in relation to the Number of Certified IT Professionals. The total number of certified IT professionals in Ukraine is about 25 thousand people. Read more about this HERE>

Ukraine came in at 87th place among 100 other countries and US states. Close by, at 85th place is Israel – the world’s leader in technology innovations and at the top of the list – Mexico, Texas and Arizona (the US states were counted like separate countries).

We have a logic explanation for the position of Ukraine. Our country has thousands and thousands of certified and highly talented IT specialists, but most of them stay to work in their native country and do not immigrate to Silicon Valley.

There are many reasons for this. The main reasons are that Ukraine has comfortable working conditions, good salary compensations, and interesting technology projects that the specialists are getting from Ukraine’s IT-outsourcing companies, but do not forget the importance of the Motherland factor; sometimes this is the most important factor of all.


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