Ukrainian Freedom Digest from QATestLab | May 26, 2022

Ukrainian News Digest

On their LinkedIn profile, QATestLab — an international independent software testing provider with a big team of professionals in Ukraine — regularly post the latest news about the country and their company. Here is their latest Ukrainian Freedom Digest.

  • As you may have heard, one of the victories of Ukraine in the past days was the first place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The Kalush Orchestra brought the third Ukrainian victory in the competition. The statuette from the competition and the band leader’s pink hat were put up for auction, the money for which will go to help the Ukrainian army. 
  •  By the way, charity auctions are immensely popular in Ukraine. So last week, the auction for the sale of the popular block of stamps “Russian warship, go **** yourself” was sold for UAH 105 thousand, which went to the benefit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
  • Drawing the attention of the whole world to the situation in Ukraine, during their Eurovision performance, the Kalush Orchestra called on Europe to save the defenders of Mariupol. They were surrounded and blocked by the Russian invaders in the Azovstal plant. In a few days, the evacuation of warriors from the Azovstal began and lasted for several days. Now the Ukrainian military is on the territory of the russian-backed so-called Donetsk People’s Republic. 
  • The events in the southeast of Ukraine and the general course of hostilities did not go unnoticed by the international community. The world continues to express its support and make every effort for the victory of Ukraine. The G7 countries and international financial institutions plan to assign 18.4 billion dollars to the Ukrainian budget. The EU Council approved the allocation of the fourth tranche of assistance to Ukraine for 500 million euros for the Ukrainian army.
  •  Among other Ukrainian victories is the first place of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in the 2022 TIME100 poll. 3.3 million people worldwide voted for Zelensky, thus making him the person of the year.

Regarding the company’s work, the QATestLab team continues to win on the economic front. Each of their projects is an opportunity to support the Ukrainian economy and develop the IT sector. With your support every day, the country and its IT specialists take another step to victory.

Source: QATestLab LinkedIn

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