Ukrainian Freedom Digest from QATestLab

Ukrainian Freedom Digest from QATestLab

In one of their recent posts, QATestLab — an international independent software testing provider with a big team of professionals in Ukraine — shared the latest news about Ukraine and the company.

  • One of the last week’s main news was the signing of the Ukraine lend-lease act by US President Joe Biden. The symbolic date of the event, May 9, 2022, emphasizes the faith of international partners in our country’s victory. In addition to the lend-lease program, Biden has proposed $33 billion in military and humanitarian aid.
  •  The foreign diplomatic missions keep returning to Ukraine. More than two dozen embassies and consulates have gone back to the capital, including USA, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland, and others.
  •  The Ukrainian army is successfully pushing back the front in the eastern direction. One of the most challenging situations in Mariupol led to the creation of a petition calling on the UN to start an urgent Extraction procedure. It has already gathered more than a million signatures. You can also express your support on the website, thereby helping to bring the victory of Ukraine closer.
  • During a briefing, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stressed the importance of restoring the country’s infrastructure and economy. One of the driving forces behind the recovery is the IT sector. Despite the war in the first quarter of 2022, the industry brought a record $2 billion in export earnings. Effective crisis management, stability, team cohesion, and high efficiency of Ukrainian IT companies inspire the trust of foreign partners and clients.

Speaking about QATestLab news, a new direction of targeted assistance has appeared in the company’s HR program.  QATestLab’s employees donate to charitable foundations such as Come Back Alive and Everybody Can. The team can now raise funds for the needs of the people who take part in hostilities.

The company also continues its training course, which allows beginners to master the key software testing skills. QATestLab regularly recruits the most talented students. The QATestLab family grows and is open to new exciting projects. With experienced specialists, the company’s team is always ready to work on projects and improve your product.

Source: QATestLab LinkedIn

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