Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative is actively extending its membership

“Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative” – an alliance of software development companies is actively extending its membership. One of the factors resulting in the association growth is its activity in software development companies’ promotion on the global markets together with presenting there a Ukrainian trade mark “UKRAINE, THE IT-FIRST NATION”. One of the examples of this activity is the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2007, organized by the alliance on November 1-2. This Forum became a place of meeting for more than 100 local and foreign companies. It also presented the outsourcing potential of Ukraine and Eastern European countries on the international IT outsourcing market. 

During October-November 2007 six new members joined Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative. Those are two Kiev companies: “Aidoss” – Ukrainian-German company specializing in design of intellectual solutions aimed at software development, and “VoxLine”, specializing in Call-centers and CRM system development; LLC “Electronic Systems of Ukraine” from Khmelnitsikiy – the developer and distributor of security systems; Kharkov “Quartz”, dealing in offshore programming and developing new software products; Dnipropetrovsk “Dimalex”, providing development of complex business web and desktop applications, and “INSART” – Kharkov Institute of Prospective Research and Technology.

Nowadays Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative unites 41 Ukrainian software development companies that employ more than 3 thousand highly skilled professionals. Among the members there are representatives of all regions of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Chernigov, Khmelnitskiy, Lvov, Donetsk, Simferopol, etc. Today Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative is the largest IT Association in Ukraine.
“One of the top priorities of the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative is development of the program aimed at boosting Ukrainian software development industry – “UKRAINE, THE IT-FIRST NATION”. It can give a new impulse to the industry growth. Within the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum ‘2007 there was held a presentation and discussion of the program with software development representatives, university schools professors, professional organizations leaders and state authorities. Based on the discussion outcome the program will be updated and prepared for the presentation on the government level” – said Victor Maznyuk, president of the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative.


Main objectives of “UKRAINE, THE IT FIRST NATION” program

  • Main program objectives are as follows:
  • Promotion of Ukrainian software development trademark on the global scale
  • Organization of local events aimed at industry development
  • Advanced training programs for IT personnel
  • Creation of legislative basis, contributing to IT business promotion in Ukraine
  • Overall improvement of IT education
  • Publishing an edition, covering the status of Ukrainian Software Development market

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative ( ) is a leading alliance of Ukrainian software development companies involved into outsourcing, offshore software development, IT projects development and deployment as well as BPO services outsourcing. Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative is the organizer of the annual Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum ( – IT Business Forum aimed at covering and promotion of Ukrainian software development and outsourcing services market.

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative objectives are:

  • expansion of international contacts and relations for collaboration in the area of software development and BPO
  • formation of positive image of Ukrainian software development on the global markets
  • search and selection of the partners, providing IT outsourcing and BPO services in Ukraine
  • organization of meetings and contacts between customers and suppliers of IT Outsourcing and BPO services
  • formation of investment into Ukrainian and Eastern European software development industry


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