Ukrainian Schoolboy – Finalist of Google Science Fair 2014

Ukrainian Schoolboy – Finalist of Google Science Fair 2014

Mark Drobnych is a 13-years old schoolboy from the western Ukrainian city – Uzhhorod. At the moment, he is studying chemistry and biology in school and he is a finalist of Google Science Fair 2014.

His project “School microscope with remote control” is among the best 15 projects.

His idea started when he found out how many schools in Ukraine don’t even have the simplest microscope.

He won a competition at the science festival Robotica-2013 in Kyiv. After that he began to imagine how he could help his school using the achieved experience with construction LEGO-robots.

He built his version of the microscope using a LEGO Technik set and LEGO Mindstorm EV3. The signal from the EV3 block is transmitted to the motors, which enables the user to focus on the image and to rotate the object table. The microscope can be operated with any Android device via Bluetooth.

The image is formed on a webcam that transmit the image to a computer and projector. Also the image from the microscope can be broadcasted to other schools with the help of Google Hangouts.

Even with the total success of the project, Mark keeps working on improving the microscope. He is going to improve the maximum resolution of the microscope by using higher-quality lens.

Also he is planning to implement artificial intelligence into his microscope. And last but not least, he is going to create a school laboratory for analysis of bacteria in the air and environment.


Google Science Fair is organizing every year. The finalists will visit the Google HQ Office in Mountain View, CA. They will be divided into groups by age 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18 and after that they will present their projects to the judges.

The main prize is a 50K scholarship for education, 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands with an expedition group of National Geographic, opportunity to visit the spaceport of Virgin Atlantic, and others.

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