The country at war: The voice of Ukrainian start-ups report 2022

Ukranian Start-Ups

Emerging Europe and Tech Emerging Europe Advocates, in partnership with the Ukrainian Start-up Fund, the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital TransformationTechUkraineGlobal Tech Advocates, and TAVentures, have launched The country at war: The voice of Ukrainian Start-ups, based on an online survey of the country’s start-up ecosystem.

Their goal is to understand the impact of the Russian invasion on Ukrainian start-ups after several months of heroic resistance, the dynamics of the sector and the most effective methods of support.

The report also looks at the developments of the Ukrainian IT sector over the last decade and forecasts its development over the next several months.

The research project is aimed at promoting Ukrainian start-ups and the entire tech sector through international media, venture funds and other global stakeholders.

Source: Emerging Europe

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