Unicorn Systems Implemented a New Information Systém in Home Credit Group

Unicorn Systems Implemented a New Information Systém in Home Credit Group

The IT centre of the Home Credit Group, operating in eight countries throughout Europe and Asia, established a modern information system for providing credit products in cooperation with Unicorn Systems.

Homer Select, the new information system of the Home Credit Group is a complex solution for providing consumer credits, used not only by its employees, but also by the partner network of dealers directly at retail locations. Big advantage of this system is that it can be easily adapted to new requirements, reducing the time necessary for deployment in other locations. In the future, the system is planned to be used in all countries, where the Home Credit Group operates or is planning to initiate commercial activity.

The Homer Select information system provides full support for all business processes associated with the agenda of credit products. It is built on modern architecture and technologies, allowing for easy expansion of the system and simple modification of the existing types of products or adding new ones.

Although it was considered a challenging project, the Home Credit Group and Unicorn Systems managed to finish the implementation in less than a year.

“The successful Implementation of the new Homer Select system demonstrates the ability of Unicorn Systems to develop a new complex information system in cooperation with our clients in less than 12 months,” added Jan Jaroš, a member of the Board of Directors and the Sales Director of Unicorn Systems.

“Homer Select is a significant contribution to the transition to product portfolios for standard applications covering the needs of the Home Credit Group when it comes to providing credit,” said Khalid Husseini, Chief Information Officer of the Home Credit Group.

About Unicorn Systems

Unicorn Systems is a renowned European company providing the largest information systems and solutions in the area of information and communication technologies. We have focused on providing high added value and competitive edge to our clients for many years. We have been operating on the market since 1990 and since then we have created a series of high-end large-scale solutions that are extended and used among the most important companies in a variety of sectors. We have the best references from banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy, industry, commerce and public sectors. Our customers are not only the largest companies but also market leaders. We have a detailed knowledge of the entire spectrum of all business sectors. We understand the principles of their operation as well as comprehend the specific needs of our customers.

Our extensive team of systematically educated experts perfectly masters all current product lines, components, technology, and therefore we have essentially no technological restrictions. Even though we enforce a lot of revolutionary ideas in our work, the overall delivery of proven solutions are subject to fundamental criteria – quality, scope, term and budget.

About the Home Credit Group

The Home Credit Group is one of the leading providers of consumer finance in Central and Eastern Europe and in Asia, where it has already provided its services to 29 million clients (as of December 12, 2011). In target countries, the Group successfully offers and develops retail banking services. Financial services under the Home Credit brand are available in the Czech Republic (since 1997), Slovakia (since 1999), the Russian Federation (since 2002), Kazakhstan (since 2005, minority share), Belarus (since 2007), China (2007), Vietnam (since 2009) and India (since 2012).

The Home Credit Group has an IT centre (Home Credit International, a. s.), located in Brno, fully responsible for IT support including the development and operation of central applications, which are critical for the commercial activities of all the Home Credit Group companies, and is also involved in development and operation of applications for several other companies within the PPF Group.

The Home Credit Group is part of the PPF Group, one of the largest investment and finance groups in Central and Eastern Europe.

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