Villeroy & Boch manages its human resources with Charisma HCM

Mondial Lugoj, member of the German concern Villeroy &Boch, has completed the implementation of Charisma HCM and is ready now to integrate it with Global HR, the HR software used at the entire group level. Mondial is one of the Valero & Bloch’s largest sanitary production units, with a turnover of 26 million EUR, a total number of 850 employees and a production line with a capacity of 100,000 pieces per month.

The decision to implement a HR &Payroll software solution aimed at integrating and optimizing HR &Payroll processes, as well as aligning these to the company’s objectives. The product selection was focused on 3 clear criteria: the new software had to unite into a single database the payroll calculation and HR activities, to sustain the creation of a complex database containing complete information about the company’s employees and to provide an integration interface with the SAP system used for reporting activities at group level.

“Considering the special requirements of Villeroy &Boch, we had to ensure that no problem could arise from the implementation of a Romanian application. By choosing Charisma HCM, we ensured that all pre-established criteria were met, especially considering that TotalSoft’s application already had an interface with SAP; also, from a financial standpoint we benefited from the best quality-price ratio” states Mihaela Daniela Nagy – HR Manager at Mondial SA.

TotalSoft adapted Charisma HCM to Mondial’s needs providing a complete solution which includes, in addition to HR &Payroll, modules that are especially developed for access-timesheet, training, auditing and recruitment activities. Charisma offers thus a great control over such processes, data accuracy and the possibility to define key controls for each working stage and process responsible.

The last phase of the project consists in achieving an interface between Charisma HCM and Global HR, the HR solution used by the entire Villeroy &Boch group, which aims to create a single HR database and eliminate the time and resources that are currently wasted on achieving specific reports. For Global HR, real-time data will be retrieved from Charisma without any local intervention.

Source: TotalSoft

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