Virtual exhibitions have appeared in Hungary offering an alternative solution for the traditional exhibitions. The I. virtual HR-Expo will be organized in September this year. This type of exhibition has never been organized in the topic.

Virtual exhibitions offer a cost and time effective solution both for the exhibitors both for the visitors. There is not enough time in the world of today for the decision-makers to break loose from their office for a whole or not even half a day in order to visit an exhibition even if the information there may be important to them. The online exhibitions and fairs provide a solution for this problem because you only have to visit a website.

The first online exhibition in Hungary was organized this spring as the I. Hungarian Virtual Software and IT Exhibition. VT-SOFT Ltd. was the first to sponsor the event. Our company will be present on the following HR-Expo event as well. We asked Katalin Safar the Sales Director of VT-SOFT about the exhibition.

Why do you find it important to participate on the virtual exhibition? 

We find the idea of virtual exhibitions a very good one. As a HR-IT software developer company we have always placed great emphasis on new and modern solutions. In my opinion this is what characterizes us the most. Innovative approach does not only manifest in our product development. The new website of our firm (www.vtsoft.hu) was created accordingly. The enquirers can contact us through the info counter on our website via chat or videoconference. In the world of today the specialists need quick, precise and genuine information in order to do their work efficiently. Through the info counter we are able to hold a presentation on our products and services immediately. Beyond that we wish to participate in every significant forum – accordingly on the online expo as well -, where we can facilitate the work and decisions of the General Managers and Managers.

Your company participated in the I. Virtual Exhibition. What are the advantages of an online exhibition? 

It is in many ways a much more comfortable solution than the traditional exhibitions. The enquirers can time their visit according to their personal timetable and don't need to reorganize anything. Since it is enough to download a website to become a visitor the range and time barriers do not mean a problem… Furthermore we don't have to carry piles of folders home because everything can be downloaded from the stands. The solution offers an effective alternative for the exhibitors as well since they can eliminate numerous costs. Besides, the virtual exhibitions are real “green” events because they do not cause environmental contamination.

What do you expect from the exhibition?

First of all we expect a lot of visitors. HR-PORTAL, the most literate online medium in the profession is the organizer of the event which is a guarantee for the high standards. We are sure that the HR professionals will attend in high numbers to both the event and our stand where they can acquaint with our unique product and service portfolio. We would be pleased if the event would become a tradition since a series of event such as this would really be needed.

Will you have a specific discount or marketing action on the event?

Indeed we will. We will have more prominent discounts for the visitors but for the moment we intend to keep it as a surprise. The visitors can get acquainted with our special discount created only for the HR-Expo on our stand.

Source: VT-SOFT

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