WebExpo 2017 – Prague

WebExpo 2017 – Prague
Start: September 22, 2017
End: September 24, 2017
Venue: Lucerna Palace
Address: Štěpánská 61, Prague, Czech Republic
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This year on WebExpo 2017 you can look forward to a wide range of speakers from around the world and the Czech Republic.

It will count with a total of 70 known speakers from the fields of UX design and Web development such as Anton & Irene, Mike Amundsen (API Academy), Erika Hall (Mule Design), Egor Homakov (Sakurity), Mike Kus (mikekus.com), Mike Robbins (REBEL), Julia Khusainova (Airbnb), Emanuela Damiani (Mozilla) among others, sharing their experiences and best practices.

Engagement, the big buzz word of today.

Marketers stress its importance, and research tells us that engaged users are 3x as valuable. But how do we strategically increase customer engagement? After 17 years of research, Scott Gould has made a discovery that he’ll share with the attendees of WebExpo.

He promises solutions you can quickly learn and easily apply and you’ll never again scratch your head wondering how to engage your audience!

We all love a good story, right? But as content creators, do we know the rules of effective story telling?

Graham McDonnell, Creative Director for The New York Times, at WebExpo will examine ways of applying storytelling techniques so you can stand out from competitor content. This exciting talk will touch on things like design, UX, and narrative to make sure our audience is captivated until the very end.

“Anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of the Czech web scene should not miss WebExpo.”

                                                           Lukáš Augusta – web designer


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