Webinar “REST-services. Spring vs Java EE.”

Webinar “REST-services. Spring vs Java EE.”
Start: September 19, 2018
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Modern applications can not be imagined without REST. REST-services have become one of the leading technologies for data exchange between applications, and now for each platform and language there are appropriate solutions.

For Java, there are a huge number of implementations, including the two most popular ones: Spring MVC and JAX-RS (Java EE). Often, developers can not always tell exactly which of the implementations is best for their project.

Therefore, in this report, we will try to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, including aspects such as

1) Testing

2) Deployment

3) Monitoring

4) Speed and efficiency

5) Integration with other technologies

6) Customer support

7) Error handling

In addition, we will share the cases from our projects, where we stumbled upon initially imperceptible “pitfalls”.

And in the end we will show a demo where we will run Spring and Java EE applications and test their capabilities.

What technology should I use for REST-services in my project? What hidden problems can occur in the work? These and many other questions will be answered by Sergey Morenets, a developer with 17 years of experience, the author of numerous reports on Java and enterprise technologies.

Want to learn more about the development of REST-services in modern projects? Connect to the webinar on September 19 at 19-30. You will receive a link to the broadcast after registration the day before the start.

Webinar for Java developers of any level.

Language: Russian



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