Zfort Group – A Company of Friendly Web Technologies

Zfort Group – A Company of Friendly Web Technologies

Zfort Group is an award-winning website design & development company established in 2000. 11 years is a long time. A lot of changes have taken place since then and many valuable innovations have been introduced. The number of the company’s employees has increased by dozens of times. All this was done to create an efficient, powerful and well-run organization. It takes any company some time before the results of each single employee’s effort can actually be seen.

Zfort Group has achieved tremendous results over the last 10 years, – world-renowned clients, enviable partner relationships. Now it is also the time when the first results of the company having acquired the reputation of an excellent employer are beginning to appear. A shining example of this is that Zfort Group has received “The Best Company in Kharkov” Award at the Best Employer 2011 Contest, held by  Developers.org.ua. This contest is a good chance to highlight and strengthen an employer’s image in the highly competitive Ukrainian job market and to gain actionable management insights into how a company compares to the industry’s best players.

The company has taken part in such a competition for the first time, becoming a great success at once. In addition, Zfort Group has become the nation’s runner-up among companies that employ between 80 and 200 software engineers.

This is an achievement gained by each Zfort Group’s employee who has made a contribution to the development of the company, creation of a friendly atmosphere in it, and promotion of its image.
The first award for employer excellence has been received, but it’s just another important incentive to continue developing. Hard work, the aspiration to achieve even better results and friendly team will, no doubt, bring more victories and achievements.

About Zfort Group:

Zfort Group is an award winning website design & development company established in 2000. Our company is based in Kharkov, Ukraine. We develop websites with friendly user interfaces, design unique corporate logos and create stunning flash animations.
Our team includes over 100 specialists in the following areas: PHP, ASP.NET, Creative Design, HTML/CSS coding, Flash Animation, Quality Assurance, iOS, and Android.

About DOU:

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