IBA Group Automates Analytical Accounting at Belarusian Railway


IBA Group received a letter of thanks from Belarusian Railway for the successfully completed project.

IBA Group implemented an analytical accounting solution for Material and Technical Supply Management of Unified Finance and Resource Management System.

In his letter, Vladimir Balakhonov, Deputy Director of Belarusian Railway, said:

“Implemented on SAP Business Objects and SAP BW, the solution is designed to assist in the analysis and organization of procurement planning campaigns at Belarusian Railway.

During the 2016 bid campaign, the use of the solution significantly reduced the time of collecting applications and improved the processes of regulatory and management accounting for material and technical supply.

The solution enables the Belarusian Railway experts to receive up–to–date and accurate information and thus support the decisions on cost reduction, as well as to ensure the transparency of the processes and the follow–up control.”

In addition, Balakhonov underscored the IBA Group’s highly professional, prompt, and creative approach to problem solving and expressed hope for further cooperation.

Source: IBA Group
CATEGORY: Czech Republic

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