KPMG Announce That Shared Services Have Outpaced Traditional Outsourcing

KPMG have released data that indicates organisations are continuing to expand the services they outsource. The use of ‘shared service centres’ continues to outpace the number of organisations who favour traditional outsourcing.

Shared services were cited as the strongest area of growth by 52 percent of the respondents polled in the first quarter 2012 survey, while traditional outsourcing received 27 percent.

Shamus Rae, partner in KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory team, commented: “Clearly, the relatively weak BPO growth expectations are a reflection of diminished demand for more traditional, generic, transaction-oriented outsourcing arrangements, such as in finance and accounting, in contrast to the greater demand for more specialised BPO.”

Source: SourcingFocus
CATEGORY: Global News

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