Quality and Performance ‘Are Priorities to IT Outsourcing Buyers’

Quality and performance are major issues for businesses that are planning to outsource some of their IT functions, a consultancy has said.

According to Everest Group, which advises companies on outsourcing, these are two of the highest priorities for firms that are planning to adopt this approach, along with how much it costs, CIO.com reports.

By contrast, the environmental benefits of outsourced IT were not generally regarded as an important matter by businesses.

Todd Hintze, managing partner at the group, commented: “For most commercial clients, it is not top of mind – rarely is it an explicit request.”

However, he stressed that companies will be happy to switch to outsourcing providers that offer sustainability and good green credentials provided their main priorities are also satisfied.

Mr Hintze was speaking shortly after Gerry McLaughlin of ITContractor.com flagged up outsourcing IT functions as a good way for businesses to cut their running costs.

Source: codestone.net
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