Telecommunication company Teo is simplifying the governance of the Group’s companies

IT and communications company Teo is simplifying the governance of its Group of companies. UAB Hostex, which is a subsidiary of UAB Baltic Data Center (BDC), and its subsidiary UAB Hosting, which has been dormant for several years already, will be merged into UAB Baltic Data Center (BDC).

The formal reorganization will have no impact on the conditions and services for the customers of the above two companies, as they will be continued by BDC.

The merger of Hostex and Hosting, the companies providing domain registration, web hosting and dedicated server services, into BDC is a formal step in fully integrating the activities of these companies of Teo Group.

This will not affect the customers of the companies under reorganization, all contracts will automatically continue under the same conditions. Conditions for the customers of the online self-service website remain the same.

“Having formally merged the companies, which have been carrying out integrated activities for a long time already, we seek more efficient business management and better quality of services to customers through implementing innovations across the whole Teo Group”,

– Aleksandras Samuchovas, Head of Business to Business at Teo, says.

After the reorganization Hostex and Hosting will cease their activities as legal entities, but the Hostex brand will continue in providing services through BDC.

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