2011: the HELIOS Systems Faced the Market Stagnation Successfully

2011: the HELIOS Systems Faced the Market Stagnation Successfully

In the same way as the last two years, the Asseco Solutions Group is presenting economic results as a whole and also separately for the companies Asseco Solutions ČR a Asseco Solutions SR. The new feature consists in the fact that now all the results are related to the HELIOS systems, which is the present name of all the Asseco Solutions products. The year 2011 proved that the unification of the entire product portfolio under a single and well-established brand was a right step, having a positive impact on the sales especially in the Czech Republic, despite the stagnation of the IT market. This all results in the turnover of CZK 611 million and the profit of CZK 39.4 million for the entire Asseco Solutions.

Although the 2011 IT products market rather stagnated in the Czech Republic and clearly decelerated in the Slovak Republic, well-established products did well in spite of this. Similarly to the previous years, the trend of the highest success rate in the field of the products intended for the medium-sized companies segment was apparent in 2011. This can be illustrated on the example of HELIOS Orange, which made a 11-percent increase in comparison with the previous period, its turnover exceeded CZK 169 million and 262 new customers were gained. However, a significant success rate can also be mentioned with the products for other segments – e.g. HELIOS Green (large-scale companies) showed a 16-percent increase and can boast of 21 new customers in comparison with 2010, in case of HELIOS Red (small companies) these figures are 8% and 190. A growing market success was also reported for HELIOS Fenix, the system for public administration (33 new customers) and HELIOS Horec and HELIOS BlueGastro, the systems for accommodation and catering facilities (229 new customers in the Czech and Slovak Republic).

These facts also correspond to the annual survey of Centrum pro výzkum informačních systémů (CVIS, the Centre for the Research of Information Systems), which states that the products by Asseco Solutions are the permanent leaders of the company information systems (ERP systems) market.

An expected decrease occurred in case of short-term custom projects. On the contrary, a pleasant finding is a 17-percent increase in the revenues from services related to the HELIOS standard products.

In spite of strong worries about the unemployment rate on the Czech labour market, the company posted a considerable growth in the human resources field too. As of 31 December 2011 Asseco Solutions ČR had the staff of 307 and Asseco Solutions SR of 208, making in total 515 employees, in comparison with 479 in 2010.

“Although the information technologies market has not found itself in an easy situation in the recent years, it is the task of above all strong IT companies – to which Asseco Solutions undoubtedly belongs – to maintain it for domestic providers. As our economic results show, this effort is successful,” says Stanislav Sýkora, Asseco Solutions ČR General Director. He adds: “Among others, we put great expectations into a deeper specialization in the important sectors of business, such as manufacturing. In view of this the team of Safír systems for manufacturing companies joined us at the beginning of 2012 after the preparation carried out in late 2011. Thanks to these specialists we will be able to support manufacturing much more deeply than until now.”

Peter Lang, Asseco Solutions Chairman of the Board of Directors, says: “2011 was the year of launching the first products arising from the cooperation of our development teams in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I am pleased to see that a favourable trend, started in the integration of both our companies, has been proven. As regards business, we did better in the Czech Republic, where the market is considerably stronger, but I do believe that we will make a full use of our potential on both the markets this year and thanks to this we will be able to consider the end of 2012 to be successful too.”

Company Currency (thousand) Revenues 2010 Revenues 2011 Net profit 2010 Net profit 2011

In 2011 the company Asseco Solutions acquired the total number of 714 new customers. Let´s mention e.g. the companies BRANO, ENERGIE AG, BRISK Tábor, VEOLIA VODA Česká republika (Czech Republic), PRŮMSTAV, Black&Decker, AB-STORE, Axonite CZ Publishing House, FIT-PRO CZECH, ARGOS – plotové systémy (Fence Systems), UFA SPORT Slovakia, s.r.o. Region Press s.r.o., Double N s.r.o. and many others.


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