5 Tips for Outsourcing Training

5 Tips for Outsourcing Training

Outsourcing part or all of a training function has become a popular choice for an increasing number of organisations. The benefits can be huge in terms of cost savings, time efficiency and better management of training. If your organisation is considering going down this route, then here are our top 5 tips for outsourcing:

Tip#1 – Focus on your core functions

Ask yourself the question, does it make good financial and resource sense for your organisation to deliver non-core activities? Successful organisations deliver because they focus on what they do best and work with external experts to provide support on non-core functions. Using a managed training services provider will free up your L&D/HR department’s time to focus on the more strategic core business objectives.

Tip #2 – Look for partners with change management expertise

When outsourcing certain training functions some organisations can underestimate the changes and rate of change that will occur. It is important to select a managed learning services provider who possesses established change management skills and who can help you manage and embed the changes as smoothly as possible.

Tip#3 – Establish the approach

When selecting an outsourced training provider, it is important to establish the approach and processes they recommend to fit your business. They should be able to communicate this to you clearly and concisely and provide a detailed written proposal to back up what they say.

Tip#4 – Assess business acumen

An effective outsourced training provider will have an understanding of business in general and will want to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and its competitive environment in particular. Choose a provider that will take responsibility and be accountable for the training function rather than purely providing people or technology.

Tip#5 – Define communication channels

A good partnership is based on open and honest communication and your relationship with your managed services provider is no different. In order for it to work effectively you need to make sure that they ‘speak your language’ and that you define your preferred channels of communication and the level required eg: weekly verbal updates, monthly written reports or both.

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