5 Ways to Outsource Your Small Business

5 Ways to Outsource Your Small Business

We will show how outsourcing your small business can get you better talent and at a much lower cost. For many years, businesses have viewed outsourcing as a negative way to do business.

However, when you consider it, outsourcing small business resources can spur on great success. Many small businesses outsource their functions that are not a part of their main business. By doing so, you add more value to your main business. Outsourcing these functions can give your small business the opportunity to grow faster.

1. Outsource Your Marketing and Financial Services

For any small business to continue growing, you need to have a well thought out marketing plan. That plan may include outsourcing your marketing and financial services so that you can save money. Consider hiring an outside accounting team and possibly a for-hire CFO to help you get some great strategies without paying a high price for them.

2. Outsource Your Human Resources

The constant changes in employee benefits and healthcare programs can be very costly for any human resources department to keep track of. Consider outsourcing a human resources firm that can help you through the benefits and healthcare packages and find the most cost effective. Make sure that if you outsource your human resources, hire a company that can grow as your small business continues to grow.

3. Outsource Your Legal Matters

It is just not cost effective to have an in-house legal team working for you. Outsourcing your legal matters to a law firm that specializes in small businesses can help you navigate through the tricky local, state and federal laws. Avoiding legal roadblocks is what you need to not only save money but to also grow.

4. Outsource IT Resources

It used to be that if a small business needed to outsource their IT business it contracted with an offshore company. However, with the recent concerns of quality of service and increased costs, many outsourcing IT companies have brought their services back locally. With the significant drop in costs, more competition, infrastructure issues, power outages, and the low quality of skilled labor offshore, many companies are coming back to the mainland.

5. Outsource Your Website

The cost of having a department within your company building and maintaining your website is usually prohibitive. Having the access to outsourcing your website is essential. A website needs to be well designed, easy to navigate, have the right search engine optimization (SEO) tools, and other marketing functions to be successful. Outsourcing this part of the business happens first as it is the easiest to hand over to others to run. There are many web design companies that will compete for the chance to develop and maintain your website.

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