7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Is Best For Your Business

7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Is Best For Your Business

A lot of business owners are still under the impression that you need to employ full time staff and pay them high salaries to sit in your offices. The truth of the matter is that full-time staff only push out about 2 to 3 productive work hours in a full day if you are lucky. We are also extremely privileged to live in a very technological age where almost everything to do with a business can be carried out remotely.

Have a look below at 7 reasons why I would recommend outsourcing most of your business functions.

1. You only pay for results produced or productive hours worked, saving your company thousands a year on HR and salaries.

2. There are no lengthy contracts or highly legal processes involved. If you are unhappy with one service provider, you can simply select another one.

3. If you are dissatisfied with any work, most freelance service providers will amend it for you free of charge.

4. You can find freelance staff at a moment’s notice without having to sift through lengthy CV’s or spend weeks interviewing.

5. You do not have to pay for your staff while they take time off, and if you select to go with a company instead of an individual provider you can always have cover when you need it.

6. You can find freelance providers and companies to cover almost any task needed for a business including web design, SEO, marketing, administration and sales.

7. Your time can be freed up to focus on the more important aspects of your business or to spend on leisurely activities.

These are just a few of the reasons, there are so many more. All it would take is a little time to find the right freelance providers or company for you and the rest will be taken care of.

It amazes me how outsourcing has not already taken the world by storm. Sure, it has become quite big recently, but not as big as it could and ought to be. I do understand there is still that insecurity aspect of not being able to keep an eye on your staff, but most freelancers I know work harder than any full-time employee I have ever come across. They know if they do not produce the right results, there is a danger of not being paid or that no further business could come their way. They go the extra mile because of this, which means your quality of work will be higher than that which you’ll receive from the staff paid to sit in your office.

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