Altabel Group Expands Opportunities in Mobile gaming: Unity3D and HTML5

Altabel Group Expands Opportunities in Mobile gaming: Unity3D and HTML5

“It’s 4:38am …. Half hour before work and I can’t put it down. Fling is one of those few treasure’s that you find and don’t want to give up till you see the credit’s. Addictive and smart. A worthy addition to anyone’s gaming list.”

“Angry birds is so good it’s additive! I love angry birds my iPod battery goes dead while I’m playing it. No matter how hard it is its still awesome! Hey, the harder the better!”

“After playing the game and becoming addicted to it, wanting to pass all the levels. I play it so enthusiastically that I noticed it leaves traces of screen burn on the iPad.”

These all are customers reviews on their favourite mobile games. They prove that mobile gaming is on its rise today, people devote quite a lot of time to playing mobile games. The numbers talk for themselves: mobile phone and tablet gaming sales in the U.S. reached $898 million in 2010 according to some forecasts revenues will reach $1.6 billion by 2015.

At Altabel Group we are always keeping with the times and we are ready to deliver you excellent Unity3D and HTNL5 development services. Our development team is working towards providing the best suitable solution for your project development requirements, keeping in mind the delivery timeline and making sure that it’s a reliable solution.

If you want a multi platform solution –then HTML5 is the answer. It is gaining more and more popularity. There is a really big and growing demand for multi-platform solutions. It will be clear that most companies will not be able to afford many parallel development teams and supported platforms. If you think of a cross platform software layer for Internet applications what would be supported by all vendors, anything other than HTML does not make sense.

If you like 3D graphics- then Unity3D is your choice.Unity3D is a very efficient tool with the help of which you can create games with highly-optimized graphics, great sound and networking support. Unity3D has powerful 3D and physics engines and has been used to develop high performance interactive 3D content for the Web, mobile (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android) and console (XBox, PS3).

So just make a decision what solution you need and We will help you to succeed in the fast changing mobile gaming world.

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