ANECT Implementing Vidyo Solution for GTS Slovakia

ANECT Implementing Vidyo Solution for GTS Slovakia

GTS Slovakia, a member of GTS Central Europe, has signed a contract with ANECT a.s. about delivery of a Vidyo videoconference solution.

ANECT will deliver a complex videoconference solution to GTS Slovakia who will provide it to their customers in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. As defined in the contract, ANECT will deliver hardware and software infrastructure for the GTS Slovakia data center, take care of the solution implementation and provide support to a new service called GTS Videoconference.

“We have become interested in Vidyo mainly because of their unique technology used for teleconference systems. At the moment, no other company offers video transmission of such good quality, such high flexibility of deployment and support to so many platforms for such an agreeable price,” said Pavol Valko, General Manager of ANECT Slovakia.

GTS Slovakia has become the second significant customer to whom ANECT will deliver a Vidyo solution.

Source: ANECT
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