Auriga’s Founder and President Spoke at the Russian Day Conference

Auriga’s Founder and President Spoke at the Russian Day Conference

Alexis Sukharev, Auriga’s Founder and President, Spoke at the Russian Day Conference Organized by the International Computer Club in Sochi

THERE IS A WAY OUT – This was the common thread of all the discussions and sessions within the frame of the conference.

All presentations and workshops focused on the issues related to the current situation in the Russian IT market and further development of the Russian IT companies under the existing economic conditions.

Alexis Sukharev, Auriga’s President, discussed the challenges of building world-class competencies in the areas of outsourcing and engineering. In 1990, Sukharev founded Auriga, the first Russian software development outsourcing company. Since then, Auriga has become one of the leading companies in the world. Sukharev’s experience, both as a scientist and as an entrepreneur, was reflected in the presentation unveiling Auriga’s formula for success.

The following were among the key factors that were explored in depth: focus on the client and long-term relationships, communications and soft skills, regional development center improvement, investments in employee training and development.

Many people believe that the outsourcing of software development and maintenance is only for those companies that want to save money and/or don’t care much about end users’ interests. They believe that the quality of the software product will be low, deadlines will not be met, and the client will be forced to fight with the provider for each penny instead of saving money.

For 23 years, Auriga has been working with its customers developing hi-tech complex software products. Based upon this experience, we came to an understanding that this preconceived opinion rests mainly on the fact that providers do not pay enough attention to the non-technical aspects of software development.

Usually, it is believed that employees’ technical skills are enough to ensure a project’s success. But in real life, a well-built communication network, a solid team structure, the ability to adjust processes on both sides, and other non-technical skills play an even larger role than technical skills.

The best efforts of our company are focused on the improvement of the development process, tailoring it to the real-life needs of the technology companies. Auriga’s innovative activities are aimed primarily at building an outsourcing process that takes into account all these parameters and responds to each one of them with a set of rules, procedures, service details, and skills in which our managers and team leaders are specifically trained.

At the conference, Sukharev noted,

“Auriga was a pioneer in the offshore development in Russia. We were the first to start software development outsourcing to Western companies back in 1990. Today, Auriga is one of the outsourcing transformation leaders. We are talking here about the transformation from selling engineers’ time at low prices to the realization of the importance of non-technical skills that are crucial to the success of software projects.

“Outsourcing is not a dirty word. When skillfully used, it can be and should be a handy professional service with a low risk level and a high success rate. And we know how it should be done. Our clients—many of whom have been with us since the 1990s—confirm that.”

About the Conference

For many years, the Russian Day Conference organized by the International Computer Club has been one of the most reputed discussion platforms in Russia, attracting decision makers from leading Russian IT companies, IT experts, as well as heads of federal ministries and agencies handling the challenges of Russian IT market development.

Traditionally, the conference has focused on the most pressing issues of the Russian IT market.

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