Baltic Data Center will support DNB’s banking IT systems in the Baltics

Baltic Data Center will support DNB’s banking IT systems in the Baltics

Baltic Data Center (BDC), the leader in the management of data centers and information systems in the Baltic States, entered into a new three-year agreement with DNB bank to support information technology (IT) infrastructure in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

BDC has been supporting DNB’s IT infrastructure since 2007. During six years of partnership, BDC continuously managed to provide DNB with high quality services in all three Baltic States.

BDC has showed flexibility in meeting constantly growing demands and implemented solutions that helped the bank to expand its business and ensure business growth in a rapidly changing environment. Changes were appreciated by customers knowledgeable about IT innovations.

“An increasing number of our customers are beginning to use online banking systems, payment cards and smart devices. In order to ensure the quality of customer services, we must constantly update our IT systems, implement innovative solutions and maintain a high security of customer data as well as a smooth operation of the entire infrastructure,”

said DNB’s vice-president Vaineta Barevičiūtė, who is in charge of the branches that support the bank’s business processes.

The signed contract lists new demands of services provided to the bank; in addition, arrangements were made regarding major future projects. The nearest project that both companies are working on is the update of a high-reliability network which incorporates duplicated data centers.

“Nowadays, reliability is evaluated according to the security level of stored data, rather than the thickness of a repository’s wall. When providing IT services, BDC strives to meet the highest security and quality standards. This is evident from the fact that an international commercial bank put its trust in our services. We value this trust and try to surpass expectations, therefore we constantly put money into our employee’s competence and the innovations of services.”

— says BDC’s general manager Aleksandr Samuchov.

During six years of cooperation, BDC fulfilled DNB’s requests and installed an underground data center, protected against electromagnetic radiation, installed a dedicated IT structure and unified the IT systems of several countries.

When implementing the major projects, BDC designated up to 16 times more staff members for a short period of time; hence, the bank did not have to look for IT specialists and every task was finished on schedule.

Source: BDC
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