Baltic Data Center will Offer Data Storage Services Based on IBM Solutions

Baltic Data Center will Offer Data Storage Services Based on IBM Solutions

Baltic Data Center, a leader in the management of data centers and information systems in the Baltic States, center, aligning with the world’s leading providers of these services, is the first in Lithuania to offer its customers the IBM solutions-based data storage services that are highly flexibly managed and adapted to many IT systems.

The Storwize V7000 solutions from IBM, a global leader in IT solutions, that have been implemented in Baltic Data Center’s data centers, will enable customers to not only make a trouble-free change of the storage capacity required for storing data, but also to change the Service Level Agreement (SLA) without stopping the system. In this way, the company’s customers have the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of their business and to make an efficient use of their funds for IT management.

“The Service Level Agreement defines the equipment and capacity that a company will get upon having chosen the service, as well as the availability of the service and how quickly potential faults will be eliminated. Upon any change in customers’ needs, they can choose another model of the service, so the storage is always used effectively”, – Giedrius Askoldavičius, Marketing and Product Development Manager at Baltic Data Center, said

For example, SLA 4 with the highest level of reliability is intended for individual capacity systems. When developing backup data systems or hosting application and visualization servers, either SLA2 or SLA3 can be selected. For databases and online analytical data processing systems, it is recommended to choose SLA1.

“The new data storage service allows to avoid investing in their own data storage equipment or maintenance. While until now the modern Storwize V7000 solutions have been used by only a few tens of companies around the world.” – G. Askoldavičius said.

According to Jonas Juodviršis, Systems Sales Manager at IBM, the Storwize V7000 solutions are among the most advanced in the field. “They are distinguished from other data storage by their ability to manage very large data flows at the lowest cost. In addition, the systems come integrated with special software that helps reduce server administration time and energy costs and ensures data storage efficiency. This allows to provide optimal data storage services to customers”, – he said.

According to J. Juodviršis, due to the growing flows of data in organizations, an efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure is becoming an increasingly a priority for IT departments, so the need for high-performance systems is steadily increasing.


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