BS/2: an ER for Self-Service Devices

BS/2: an ER for Self-Service Devices

ATMs, which were first installed in Lithuania in 1995, by now have become an integral part of modern business. However, banks and other institutions that use self-service devices quire often face various kinds of hardware faults. Leading ATM manufacturers claim that their devices last for 7-9 years. Anyway, faults do take place in intensively used self-service devices; many of these faults may be fixed by replacing one part or another.

BS/2, a banking technology company, offers technical maintenance services for self-service devices from one of the world’s leading banking hardware manufacturers, the German-based company Wincor Nixdorf; among the services are part repairs and replacement.

“Customers come to us when they experience various problems related to self-service hardware. We don’t only provide required spare parts fast, but also fix various faults, update devices so that they comply with all the PCI DSS standards, and provide consultancy on various related issues,” says Kęstutis Andruškevičius, head of BS/2′s Spare Part Sales Department.

According to the expert, it is also due to the use of low-quality spare parts that a significant number of problems occur. Parts coming from old, bought for cheap and disassembled, ATMs are often foisted on buyers as new and high-quality; resellers continually supply the market with counterfeit, China-made products, which are sometimes too tempting with their lower price. Unfortunately, these products don’t manage to provide a good substitute for original, certified, and high-quality self-service devices.

“Research done by Wincor Nixdorf shows that when using non-original parts one has to replace them 2-3 times more often that certified products. Thus, by chasing low prices, customers really don’t save anything,”

commented Andruškevičius.

It is worth noting that for companies that use self-service devices it is important not only to solve the problem at hand, but also to prevent the same problem from occurring in the future. ProView, a technical monitoring solution from Wincor Nixdorf, and the various modules from the iQ product family, created by BS/2, that may be combined with it, allow to constantly monitor network devices and spare-part movements and to timely react to every kind of critical situation.

ProView is a multifunctional software complex that is not only designed for ATMs or information terminals, but may be successfully used in other domains: automated kiosks, ticket selling machines, etc. ProView helps optimize self-service device network management and allow network owners to unify software designed for network monitoring and management.

The BS/2 company, a member of the international Penki Kontinentai Group, specializes in providing customized services, developing software for banks, and providing system integration services and technical maintenance services. The company’s universal solutions and services are known and available in over 65 countries from all over the world.

Source: BS/2
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