BS/2 Attended Wincor Nixdorf’s International Conference on Hardware Technical Maintenance

BS/2 Attended Wincor Nixdorf’s International Conference on Hardware Technical Maintenance

From August 27 to August 30 this year, the 5th International Technical Support Conference (ITSC) was held by Wincor Nixdorf, one of the largest banking hardware manufacturers. In Bad Lippspringe, a small German town, Wincor Nixdorf representatives from various countries and several exclusive partners discussed the most current issues related to technical support and maintenance and had an opportunity to learn more about Wincor Nixdorf’s latest products.

Guido Walther, the German company’s head of technical maintenance, who opened the conference, expressed his delight at the great number of people attending. He said he hoped that the conference participants would find answers to all their questions.

Mr. Walther said: “It is exciting that these events are now attended not only by our representatives from various countries around the world, but also by our most loyal partners. For them, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn first-hand about new products and future projects, while for us this is a chance to receive feedback from our customers. We hope that this conference will help the participants to receive answers to all the questions that they are interested in.”

This year the event’s main topic was cash recycling devices (both accepting and dispensing cash) and various technical issues related to them (bank bill recognition, increasing performance efficiency, forged bank bills, etc.).

Among the hundred conference participants from 27 countries, there was the BS/2 company, a member of the Penki Kontinentai Group and Wincor Nixdorf’s exclusive partner.

Says Tomas Bublys, BS/2′s technical director: “We have been invited to this closed event as an exclusive partner for five consecutive years now. This shows that there is great trust in our company. We offer new generation CINEO hardware, which supports the cash recycling technology. For this reason, the participation in the ITSC event gives us an opportunity to receive expert opinion on all the questions that we are interested in.”

According to the specialist, the participation in the conference will also allow BS/2 to provide its customers with even better technical maintenance services and ensure even smoother operation of their hardware.

Source: BS/2
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