BS/2 Engineers Deepened Their Knowledge of ATM Maintenance

BS/2 Engineers Deepened Their Knowledge of ATM Maintenance

In the end of January a training course for engineers dealing with self-service devices maintenance was held at Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) premises in Vilnius.

As BS/2 Technical Manager Tomas Bublys put it, with regard to the growing demands of the market, it is necessary to constantly deepen your knowledge.

The ATM’s rapid technological advance requires more and more specialists who can professionally maintain the devices.

“That’s why we hold specialized trainings for our technicians, where they can acquire new knowledge, share their experience, get useful advice and answers to arising questions”,

- Mr Bublys said.

The five-day training gathered BS/2 representatives from Lithuania and its subsidiaries from Georgia, Latvia and Kyrgyzstan.

This time, engineers deepened their knowledge of the NCR (National Cash Register) ATMs and their maintenance: they got acquainted with the ATMs technical characteristics, discussed the most common problems, analyzed their causes and consequences and offered the most effective solutions.

More than 100 qualified BS/2 engineers provide maintenance of ATMs as well as other self-service devices in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The company also offers business process outsourcing services, develops and installs software. The company’s solutions and services are used and available in almost 70 countries.

Source: BS/2
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