BS/2 Maintenance Services for Successful Business Development

BS/2 Maintenance Services for Successful Business Development

In the light of increasing competition many companies are forced to multitask – to cut down expenses, pull in new customers, ensure smoother operation of software and hardware, analyze and forecast income. Outsourcing may facilitate most of these tasks and help focusing on the main activities. The entrepreneurs of advanced countries have already given credit for such advantages long time ago: a possibility to save time and money (the companies do not have to outfit extra working stations, purchase or rent vehicles, build warehouses, go to perform the customers’ queries, etc.), ensure the quality of services rendered (outsourcing companies usually have extensive experience and give a lot of attention to the specialist qualification), cut down the expenses for personnel hiring and training.

BS/2 offers the banks, other financial institutions, and trade companies to take advantage of outsourcing of hardware and software maintenance: technical monitoring and support of equipment (24/7), upgrade (with the view of measuring up to continually improving international standards), repair (arrival to the object or remote solution of the problem), expeditious response to queries (SLA (Service Level Agreement) provided shortest time of 2 hours), supply and replacement of spare parts, consulting and training of specialists. BS/2 renders these services directly in 8 states (Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan) and in other countries – through their partners. All these activities are continually audited as per preordained parameters (KPI – Key Performance Indicator). The company’s customers are the banks, state and private companies as well as organizations. Over 15 years of experience and knowledge of bank industry guarantees to BS/2 customers a business solution that will help seeking for goals in a swift manner and without huge investment as well as transfer secondary activities on the specialist shoulders.

A multifunctional program technical monitoring complex Service Desk.iQ, designed by BS/2, as well as a compatible solution ProView from Wincor Nixdorf, enables to continually observe the network of the customer’s equipment and operation thereof in real time, traffic of spare parts from the warehouses, timely and expeditiously respond to any critical situation, as well as inform the customer of works in detail. By the way, Service Desk.iQ has been designed not only for the ATMs; it is perfect for the automatic kiosks, information terminals, ticket machines, safe-deposit boxes, banknote calculators, POS terminals, and such other bank equipment.

Currently, with the help of Service Desk.iQ, BS/2 maintains and supports over 10 thousand of different equipment. Surveys, performed on a regular basis, have demonstrated that over 99 percent of equipment, maintained by BS/2, operated without idle time and the customers could freely use any and all services. Especially accurate information on critical situation in the equipment, provided by Service Desk.iQ, ensures the solution of any and all customer queries at one go. The equipment, operating without idle time and breakdown, ensures lower expenses, positive feedback, possibility to pull in more customers, thereby increasing income and profit.

Besides maintenance services, BS/2 enable the bank personnel to deepen as well as expand their knowledge and obtain a qualified Wincor Nixdorf certificate. BS/2 training center is the only certified Wincor Nixdorf competence center in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The specialists here can obtain exhaustive theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the principles of operation of hardware and software, functionality and options of specific products, familiarize with the market trends as well as the finer points of programming. By the way, BS/2 specialists can organize training in any spot of the world both at the training center and customer’s premises. Moreover, the company offers an opportunity of on-line studies. Skilled BS/2 specialists can also render consultation services to the customers in the process of implementation of their projects (upgrading equipment, installing new functions).

It is worth mentioning that the provision of all BS/2 services takes place in view of the international ISO 20000 standard and that the company’s IT service management structure meets the ITIL V3 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) requirements.

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