BS/2, NTS to Launch Joint POS Solution on Belarusian Market

BS/2, NTS to Launch Joint POS Solution on Belarusian Market

BS/2 and its partner in Belarus – NTS, have successfully put the Beetle/Mini POS terminal on the official Belarusian register, which allows the use of the terminal in Belarus.

As part of this project, BS/2 developed a software solution specially designed to meet the requirements of the Belarusian fiscal legislation. The solution was then integrated with Beetle/Mini, manufactured by the Wincor Nixdorf company, BS/2′s long-time partner. NTS acted as a provider of the software solution in Belarus. Later on, it was this company that officially applied for the registration of the solution on the Belarusian register. For this, NTS had to adapt its product, NTS Front Office. This jointly-developed POS solution was then successfully certified and put on the register. For both companies, this led to an increase in sales in Belarus.

Beetle/Mini is a hardware and software POS solution that automates the work done by cashiers. The device includes all the peripherals needed for this kind of work: a POS printer, an LCD cashier display, a two-line customer display, a POS keyboard, a cash drawer, and a bar-code scanner. This POS terminal allows performing retail transactions (just like a common cash register), recording sales, and collecting data for subsequent analysis. This device includes a user interface that allows searching for the required product, viewing its characteristics (price, best-before date, description, etc.), creating receipts for tax purposes, computing change, and creating various reports; the interface also helps speed up customer service. All this leads to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction, which means a better reputation for your retail store.

For many years now, BS/2 has been supplying products of the BEETLE POS family to Eastern European and Central Asian countries. Part of this family, Beetle/Mini has already acquired loyal customers in these countries. The launch of this new jointly-developed product on the Belarusian market will allow BS/2 to strengthen its presence in the region, both as a supplier and developer, and to find new customers.

Says Yury Mikutsky, BS/2′s manager: “We are happy to have another project with NTS, our Belarusian partner. The new POS terminal will make a perfect addition to the product line intended by Wincor Nixdorf for this region. We are confident that this solution will be in demand on the Belarusian market, which will allow us to expand our customer base. In the near future, we plan to adapt this solution to the fiscal legislation of Georgia and Azerbaijan and to start supplying the product to companies from the retail sector of these countries.”

This solution will also provide the Belarusian company with competitive advantage in the sector of retail automation.

Vladimir Gurik from NTS’s Sales Department comments: “For our company, this is a new kind of product. Very soon we will present this cash register to our partners. We plan to do this at a conference set to take place in late September.”

Dedicated to professional hardware for the retail sector, this event is expected to attract participants from about 30 companies from all around Belarus.

Source: BS/2
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