Business Outsourcing – Factors to Consider When Deciding to Outsource

Business Outsourcing – Factors to Consider When Deciding to Outsource

How often have you gone to the office or reached the end of your day and wished that you could turn back time? You know that you have had a busy day, but you haven’t achieved what you had hoped or what was on your to do list? Heck, sometimes you can’t even remember what you have been working on.

As an example of poor time management, how many times a day do you check your emails? Do you:

  1. Check them as they are received (you haven’t turned off the alert on your system)?
  2. Check them more than 3 times a day?
  3. Check them once every 2-3 days?


If your answer isn’t 3 above then you are wasting valuable time instead of concentrating on what you need to do to grow your business.

Hint – when you feel that you are not achieving anything or overwhelmed, take an afternoon away from the office and start planning. The following exercise will help you get back in control and feel that you are achieving great things each day.

  •     Write a list of all the things that needs to be done, but you don’t have to do them – yes, that’s right. Write a “Not to do List”
  •     Write a list of the things you would like to achieve if you had the resources. (you know the things that are in your business plan with your name on them)
  •     Write a list of the things that need improvement

Top 5 tips for outsourcing effectively:

  1.     Prepare a good induction program that includes videos and resources accessible remotely.
  2.     Have clearly documented and agreed duty statements and clearly documented procedures for each person and business processes
  3.     Build a rapport and level of trust with each person
  4.     Use all communications methods available
  5.     Ensure your business systems are accessible by everyone, anywhere at any time.

What makes virtual teams virtually irresistible is the flexibility you achieve that helps you gain time to do whatever you would like to do rather than being tied to your desk.

Most people go into business for freedom and flexibility but end up working longer hours for less pay. Virtual Assistants, virtual specialists and virtual business managers utilized well in your business can help you achieve this original vision.

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