CHUDOVO OÜ Opened Representative Offices in Germany and the UK

CHUDOVO OÜ Opened Representative Offices in Germany and the UK

After years of cooperation with German companies CHUDOVO is opening a representative office in Cologne area. And also we decided to extend our representative to London, since it’s one of the greatest IT hubs in Europe.

Opening Representative Offices Is Opening New Opportunities

No wonder, that extending business when opening representative offices is also establishing new customer touchpoints. This is an additional benefit and a way for CHUDOVO to develop. This will also allow us to be closer to our clients than ever.

Not Affordable But Reasonable

One always wants to get what he pays for. With CHUDOVO you’d get much more for the same price. On one hand it’s because of the fact that CHUDOVO is yet getting its name and competitive position on the market. On the other, we provide fair evaluation of all our efforts and expenses.

The Developers That Make Your Dreams Come True

A lot have been told of the high quality of the Ukrainian developers, and we can not only tell that but also let you experience their professionalism. Our engineers develop in accordance with the clean code conception, as the result one can see a clear architecture of the product, easily managed and pleasant to work with.

Your Values Are Our Values

With all the political, financial and economic challenges that Ukraine has been facing, we got used to minimizing risks policy and meeting deadlines.

Thus, it is in our intention to offer competitive and high-quality products and services as well as serve clients abroad matching time and investments’ limits. Apart from that, thanks to the EU registration we share legal, political and economic standards set preserved in the EU for decades.

From now on, thanks to our new representative offices, we’ll also have an opportunity to be in comply with the value of prime service our clients cherish so much.

Source: Chudovo Inc.
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