Comarch Opens an Office in Australia

Comarch Opens an Office in Australia

A global producer and supplier of IT systems, Comarch is set to expand its business and strengthen its international presence by opening a company with a seat in Sydney, Australia.

The promotional and sales activity of the Australian company will focus on solutions targeted at the retail sector, telecommunications, as well as finance and banking. In addition, it will develop a portfolio of hosting services for current and future Australian clients.

Comarch has been active in the Down Under since 2017, carrying out, for instance, a special project for an Australian parimutuel betting and gaming operator. As part of the agreement, it will deliver a platform for customer relationship management and IT marketing, based on the Comarch Loyalty Management system. A similar platform is currently being implemented for a global fuel company that owns a chain of gas stations throughout Australia.

Revenues from the sales of systems and services in Australia exceeded 7.6 million PLN in 2018; this year, the contracts are already estimated to be worth more than 9 million.

- Opening an office in Australia was a natural next step in the development of our global business. This was the last inhabited continent without an active Comarch branch. We carried out projects, negotiated with various companies, and looked for new clients. Now we will be able to step up our activity. Even though Australia has a small population of just 25 million, it continues to rank as one of the wealthiest economies in the world, with advanced technology, one of the highest standards of living. It has a vibrant mining industry, retail sales and services, and that means there is plenty of room here for Comarch’s IT systems, say Jarosław Włudyka, Managing Director at Comarch in Australia.

Comarch Office in Sydney
Source: Comarch

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