Czech Codasip Raises $2,8 Million from Credo Ventures and Others

Czech Codasip Raises $2,8 Million from Credo Ventures and Others

Codasip, the application-specific processor design tool provider has raised its first round: a staggering (by CEE standards) $2,8 Million from the Czech VC fund Credo Ventures and a number of private investors.

I have come across Codasip in my research before, so here is what this company does. ASIP (application specific instruction-set processor) is a specialized processor, used in mobile devices, personalized medicine and the Internet of Things. It is traditionally hard to design. Codasip has developed a unique technology that allows designing ASIP in the same way existing processors are designed.

Why is ASIP so special? By optimizing a processor instruction set to perform very specialized tasks, the performance, and the power needs can be improved by the order of magnitude compared to the traditional approach.

With the increasing demand for low-power specialized ASIP processors Codasip is well positioned for growth. Its set of electronic design automation (EDA) tools makes it easy to develop and program ASIP.

Codasip was founded by Karel Masarik and Tomas Hruska in 2006. It is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic.  The new funding will be used to further develop its EDA tool set.

Source: GoalEurope
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