Czech launch for UPC Wi-Free

Czech launch for UPC Wi-Free

UPC has launched its Wi-Free service in the Czech Republic.

It will be gradually rolled out from July 15 to mid-August and made available to over 440,000 of the cable operator’s customers.

Wi-Free will allow mobile devices to be connected to around 220,000 homes with compatible UPC modems, allowing quick and easy access to the internet.

On a shared network, customers will also be able to connect abroad, in Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Hungary and Romania.

There are already 5 million modems connected to the network, and the number will rise as other countries are added to the list.

Prior to launching Wi-Free, UPC Czech undertook a successful pilot of the service, involving over 10,000 of its customers, in the city of Plzen.

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