DEAC Is going to CeBIT as a World-Class Data Centers Expert

DEAC Is going to CeBIT as a World-Class Data Centers Expert

At the largest and most influential international trade show CeBIT 2012, European data center operator DEAC will present the infrastructure of its data centers and shares the reasons, why customers from America and Eurasia choose DEAC IT services. In Hannover DEAC plans to establish new contacts with partners and potential customers and to strengthen the international expert status.

CeBIT trade show will take place in German city of Hannover from 6th to 10th March 2012. DEAC experts will be sharing consultations at a Latvian stand, organized by Latvian agency of investment and development (LIAA). The stand will be located in 6th CeBIT hall; the number of stand is D08.

Throughout the trade show, four DEAC experts from Latvia will be present at the stand, including director of marketing and development department Olegs Naskidajevs, director of sales department Gundars Kulups, and key account managers – Ringolds Rozentals and Janis Gems. DEAC CEO – Andris Gailitis will also participate in the event.

DEAC participation in the trade show and discussion will give world-class IT experts a chance to answer the main questions of the CeBIT topic – Managing Trust – Trust and security in the digital world”. At the discussion DEAC experts will share the ways to increase the level of trust to data center services among customers from Eastern and Western countries. Together with leading international IT experts, DEAC will tell about the requirements to data centers services present customers from Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

DEAC experience in CIS countries will be definitely interesting for Western countries experts. Meanwhile, it will be very useful for Eastern European and Asian expert to learn about successful DEAC projects with Western European and North American customers.

“Our expenses are lower than in Western Europe, but the ability, creativity and responsiveness of our specialists are at a very high level. That is what our customers value so much, as they are glad to solve problems with real and solution-seeking specialists”, explains DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis.

At the trade show DEAC will present its benefits: the expanded network of data centers, Cloud computing IT infrastructure rental, IT solutions for business security, standard and offshore hosting and many other services, with the quality that satisfied already more than 2500 customers all over the world.

“The rapid growth of demand for DEAC data centers services is an evidence that DEAC has found a golden mean of being equally interesting, e.g. for a German company and for the company from Russia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan”, points out director of marketing and development Olegs Naskidajevs.

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