DEAC Provides Superfast Data Center Services in Just 60 Minutes

DEAC Provides Superfast Data Center Services in Just 60 Minutes

DEAC – one of the largest independent data center operators in Northern Europe, has undertaken research into its services over the last 12 months to discover how fast it is able to deliver its key services. The results show that DEAC is able to provide seven of its key services to customers just one hour after agreeing a deal. By some estimates, this has the potential to be one of the fastest service deliveries amongst all European data centers.

Misalignment between what businesses want and when it can receive an IT solution can affect business performance, competitiveness and opportunity for growth. Previous industry research has shown that companies can take an average of five months between conceiving and delivering an IT project. With DEAC’s superfast service delivery businesses can launch IT projects over shorter periods, reducing the time of service delivery to the end customer.

For instance, rack-room wiring takes just up to one hour instead of several weeks, so businesses can rapidly implement IT projects and react quicker to market changes.

Maximising one of the fastest Internet connections in the world, DEAC is able to leverage its data center locations in Riga, Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt – referred to as R.A.L.F – to provide customers with superfast services and data transmission across Europe and further afield into Asia and the USA.

Andris Gailītis, DEAC CEO, explains, “As one of the fastest growing IT companies ranked among the most powerful Cloud providers in Northern Europe, we understand that modern businesses demand a reliable superfast service that supports sustainable growth. Our research has shown that we have an advantage of being able to deliver and implement solutions faster than other data centers in Western Europe, often at a lower price point. What’s more is that we can provide these superfast data center services alongside one of the best customer service experiences in the region.”

The seven most popular key services that DEAC provides in one hour are:

  • Rack rent – Rack setup
  • Cabling between racks – UTV or Optic fibre cables
  • In-Stock server rental – Server setup in rack, access handover to customer
  • Cloud setup – Setup of CPU, RAM, HDD, IP
  • IP Transit – Internet uptime setup or Internet bandwidth expansion
  • MPLS Layer2 – Setup between LON, FRA, AMS, RIX, MSK Internet exchange points
  • Customer Support – Delivering excellent customer service

Being a carrier-neutral data center operator, DEAC is not hindered by being serviced by other providers, enabling the DEAC team of qualified and certified engineers to minimise the time between receiving and delivering a service, which is so critical to many companies. DEAC has designed its data centers to provide a high-speed full range of setup, configuration, installation and technical support, saving its customers time, resource and expense.

The DEAC R.A.L.F network, which connects to the largest European Internet exchange traffic points, provides businesses with the choice of having the most convenient data center location to their requirements. DEAC’s excellent service is reflected in its growth in Northern Europe, developing more than 600 projects in Russia since 2010 and within the last 12 months achieving a new level of uptime up to 99.99%.

Source: DEAC
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