DEAC Turnover in 2011 Has Increased Up to 43%

DEAC Turnover in 2011 Has Increased Up to 43%

European data center operator DEAC has increased its turnover by one million euro, exceeding the 3,3 million, which is 43% more than in 2010 when DEAC turnover was 2,3 million euros. DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis indicates that this achievement is a result of company’s targeted activities in the export markets.

“The rapid turnover growth is explained by active services exports, that is 25% of total turnover,” says A. Gailitis. He points out that once the crisis prompted to take active foreign markets and “if we had relied only on Latvian customers, our company would not have achieveved such great results.”

“It must be noted that 2011 marked a positive trend in local market, among DEAC large and medium business representatives the amount of bought services is increasing. Also, the amount of services, based on virtual platform is increasing, as thus the customers can optimize IT costs and increase the efficiency of leased resources,”

Latvian IT market trends summarizes Andris Gailitis.

This is not the first year when DEAC is developing successfully. In recent years, DEAC turnover rates increased by more than 30% per year. Over the last three years the number of customer have increased as well – up to 35%, from 1800 to 2500 customers.

The past year expanded DEAC customer geography from California in USA to the Russian East island Sakhalin. DEAC now provides services to more than 2500 customers from 40 countries of the world.

Russia has become a major export market for DEAC and now is about 40% of the total export portfolio. DEAC director of marketing and business development department Olegs Naskidajevs, predicts that export regions will not change significantly, while the amount of exported IT services will still increase.

DEAC representative regularly participates in the leading international conferences and forums, where they analyze and forecasts the IT industry development during next years. European experts point out that DEAC, with his active work abroad, effectively promotes confidence in Latvia as a European Union country with a powerful IT potential.

Leading European experts believe that the DEAC geographical location between East and West provides excellent benefits, that are effectively used in export IT outsourcing services to Russia and Western countries.

Direct telecommunication channels from Riga to the capitals of Europe and the CIS countries, can satisfy various complex demands. DEAC data centers can provide terabytes of large disk space within an hour, not investing in infrastructure. Following global data center trends, each year DEAC implements more modern infrastructure rental services. In the near future company plans to promote and develop export to the new regions, as well as to strengthen its positions in Europe.

Source: DEAC
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