Deciding Between In-House Development and IT Outsourcing for Web Development

Deciding Between In-House Development and IT Outsourcing for Web Development

Organizations are usually stuck with an important choice in their business i.e. whether to choose in-house development or outsource the project to a web development company. There are pros and cons of each and you have to be aware of them before you make up your mind and choose one of them.

Clients should always remember that there are some things that are best done in-house and there are others that must be done by a professional IT outsourcing company such as a reputed web development company in case of website development requirements.
Let us start with in-house development of project and discuss its features:

  • If you have a very long term requirement which may go on for many years then in-house team is preferred.
  • You should understand that setting up a whole development center and hiring and maintain a permanent staff for it is a costly affair. Such investment could only be justified if the projects are going to last for a very long time or the project might continue as a regular part of the organization.
  • Further, highly critical and sensitive projects should be handled by internal resources as there is the trust issue and the fact that your team understands the project better than anyone else.
  • Remember, in-house development is cost-effective and not worth the effort for short term projects.
  • As the resources are completely dedicated and have to work on only one project therefore they don’t have to juggle between various clients as is the case with web development services provided by a web development company..

This ensures that top quality solutions and work is delivered.

In most of the cases it has been observed that hiring a web development company and outsourcing IT requirements to them is very beneficial. However, it is not certain that you will find the best web development company therefore you need to make sure that it is the top web development company in the relevant segment.

Here are some of the most significant things that you should know about outsourcing IT projects to an external service provider:

  • Web development outsourcing is most beneficial for short term projects i.e. projects ranging from a few months to a couple of years.
  • These IT outsourcing service providers usually work with clients from diverse business verticals therefore they can bring in a lot of new and innovative ideas for your business requirements.
  • An expert service provider will add a competitive edge to your solutions and enhance your business performance.
  • Hiring an IT outsourcing service provider will free you from all the expenses and hassles of setting up a development center, hiring resources and maintaining a staff.

It is your decision to make as it is your project and you should do it correctly. Your budget would be one of the most prominent and deciding factors in your decision along with the duration of your project. These two factors should be clearly analyzed and researched before making any final decision. However, there is a third technique that can also be applied for web projects. This strategy involves combined efforts from the in-house development team and the offshore web development company. This is a new and very effective technique but you should gather some more information before you take your decision in favor of it.

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