IDC Third Platform ICT: The New Enterprise DNA in Slovakia

IDC Third Platform ICT: The New Enterprise DNA in Slovakia

Over the next five years, 90% of companies’ IT investments will involve Third Platform technologies.

While organizations will still need servers, PCs, client- and PC-based applications, and miles of cables, these technologies will serve mainly as tools to facilitate the use of mobility, cloud, Big Data analytics, and social networks.

Architectures, communication processes, and IT contracts will change. And organizations’ awareness of their capabilities and potential will increase dramatically.

IDC’s Third Platform conference series takes you deep into the new enterprise DNA, giving you practical advice for leveraging and experimenting with it.

We outline the ways in which mobility, analytics, and the Internet of Things create management, service, and product possibilities limited only by the imagination. We introduce you to industry experts who will explain how to handle the transformation of business and IT.

We present you with best practices and strategies for meeting and exceeding the expectations of your key constituents, both internally and externally.

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