Et netera Builds and Launches the Allianz Direct Online Insurance Portal in Only 2 ½ Months

Et netera Builds and Launches the Allianz Direct Online Insurance Portal in Only 2 ½ Months

Online sales of insurance policies should be one of the most significant channels of every major insurance company. Allianz, as the number-one online insurer, now has a new and modern portal with a user-friendly, simple, and intuitive framework. The portal was re-built from the ground-up, instead of being simply re-designed.

“The fast pace of change this year created a significant need for a new online insurance sales portal that would be simpler and easier to use. We wanted to provide a more modern layout and offer policies over the internet with significant discounts. Allianz wants to foster solid growth in this channel, which is why we decided to invest in this solution. Even though many people told us that completing such a project in such a short time is unrealistic, Et netera, in cooperation with Allianz’s IT department, showed that it is,” said Dalibor Šajar, Allianz Market Management department head.

The user first chooses the type of policy they want to purchase (i.e. auto, injury, property), and then is led through the various options in the insurance configurator. The user is then offered a price quote for the policy on the basis of his/her selections. Payment can take place either immediately online, or later through various payment methods.

“Even though the deadline was extremely tight, we wouldn’t allow ourselves to omit important phases like a thorough analysis or a proposing a new structure. We saved time by selecting the right technologies. The website runs on our CMS jNetPublish, while the forms component uses the Apache Wicket framework, which proved to be the most appropriate as a foundation for the fast creation of intricate and functionally complicated forms,” said Petr Votoček, Et netera’s project manager. “We’re delighted that we were able to complete this project and launch on time, because the number of travel insurance policies purchased online grew by dozens of percent right at the beginning of the summer holidays” he added.

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