Et netera Continues to Grow Successfully and has Modified its Structure

Et netera Continues to Grow Successfully and has Modified its Structure

Turnover grew 13% from CZK 120 million in 2010/11. Headcount has gradually increased and exceeded 120 in March of 2012.

This dynamic growth, coupled with the implementation of freedom at work principles, accelerated a fundamental transformation of the basic structure and functioning of the company. As a result, ETN Group a.s. was created in the summer of 2011, which acts as an umbrella organization for other entities. Martin Černohorský, former Et netera a.s. managing director, leads this unit with the title of “facilitator.” “Rigid organizational structures were removed wherever possible and were replaced by a system of freely forming teams that are able to forge closer relationships with customers and more flexibly react to their needs and desires,” Černohorský said. “The mother company does not direct the subsidiaries, it only facilitates their best possible growth,” he added. This holds true not only for members of the group, but also other entities that approach it with interesting and innovative projects. In order to develop these activities, ETN Group is preparing a new accelerator.

Former financial and operational director Martin Palička took over the reins at Et netera a.s. at the end of last year. The company will continue to concentrate on developing and operating extensive web sites and applications for large clients. “We continue to focus on strengthening our positions in areas where we are successful. We are only changing the way we think and work. We allow people to move between teams according to their own consideration and mutual agreements with their elected leaders. We are strengthening our ability to flexibly develop and thus foster closer cooperation with our clients. We also completed the development of an internal cloud, which allows us significantly greater flexibility in deploying applications and solutions with dynamic scalability,” Palička said.

A greater proportion of decision-making about the future of the company is transferred to individuals, along with greater responsibility. “We are convinced that an engaged employee that is interested in what is going on inside the company and enjoys his or her job is a precondition for further success. This includes the transparent division of profit among all cooperating Etneterians,” Martin Palička added.

The new Etnetera Activate brand replaces the digital division První multimediální that Et netera acquired in 2010. The unit specializes in online marketing under the direction of Jiří Štěpán. It seeks to gain a competitive advantage over its competition through effectiveness, which is reflected in its success fee model of project payments. “We offer a very simple service: activating the potential of online business. Our work is solidly based on exceptional web analysis, which allows us to propose and realize extremely interesting campaigns that focus on effectiveness, improving the quality of web sites, and better communication and understanding of our clients. Our goal is not to realize campaigns or implement web analytics, but to be a valued long-term partner for our customers and actively participate in their success in the online world. Our experience over the last year confirms that this business philosophy works,” Štěpán said.

The newly-created Et netera Electronics, s.r.o., marketed under the brand nSparkle, provides exceptionally equipped Apple products in the Czech Republic. The company is led by Václav Bittner, one of the founders of Et netera. “We believe that Apple’s innovative products combined with the developmental and business potential of Et netera will create solutions with high levels of added value. We have already launched very interesting products in certain segments, such as intelligent homes and using iPads in non-traditional ways,” Václav Bittner said.

ATOBO, a.s., which operates the employment server, also belongs to the group. Pavel Pola, former Et netera technical director, chairs the company’s board of directors.

“We will continue to look for new business directions in the future, and the newly proposed structure keeps that door open,” Martin Černohorský said.

Et netera is a company that holds itself to a high standard of quality and almost traditionally collects a number of important awards. For example, last year it won a medal at the prestigious International Business Awards (or the The Stevie Awards) for its TAXIcheck application; it defended its third place in the Employer of the Year contest; and was named the Cycling Employer of the Year.

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