Gartner Forecasts Enterprise IT Spending to Reach $2.7 Trillion in 2012

Gartner Forecasts Enterprise IT Spending to Reach $2.7 Trillion in 2012

Despite the global economic uncertainty, Gartner analysts anticipate that the worldwide enterprise IT spending will experience a 3.9% increase next year reaching the total of $2.7 trillion. Enterprises will continue to invest heavily in their IT infrastructure seeing it as the major drive of business growth.

Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President at Gartner and Global Head of Research, underlines the importance of IT: “The days when IT was the passive observer of the world are over. Global politics and the global economy are being shaped by IT. […] For example, this year 350 companies will each invest more than $1 billion in IT. They are doing this because IT impacts their business performance.”

An increase in the IT services demand, consequently, means more projects for IT vendors, where especially outsourcing services are increasingly sought after. Gartner particularly notes, that emerging markets will continue to get closer attention in the coming years, in particular rising economies. According to Gartner’s estimations, the emerging economies will account for $1.013 trillion in 2012 of the global IT spending of nearly $3.7 trillion. Considerably in demand are ASM & infrastructure services, software testing, and offshore software development. Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus are currently most promising outsourcing spots luring more and more international customers from Western Europe and the US.

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