HELIOS Green Reacts Flexibly to Changes at the Customer´s

HELIOS Green Reacts Flexibly to Changes at the Customer´s

The company KORDÁRNA Plus, a.s. belongs to companies engaged in the production of technical fabrics – and to the worldwide leaders in this field. HELIOS Green information system has been helping its management and staff at all its organizational units since 2001 (at that time the system bore the name LCS Noris). However in 2010 and 2011 the company was undergoing an extensive restructuring – and it goes without saying that the information system had to be among the first elements to react.

which resulted in the fact that the system was to go through fundamental changes – or more precisely through a complete reimplementation. This was carried out by the company JPN. consulting, Asseco Solutions Partner. Besides the actual implementation, which was necessitated by the changes inside the group, a decision was made to upgrade the system to the HELIOS Green 43 Version and by this fact to the new platform of Microsoft .NET. Modules for production management started to be implemented at the same time too.

Although the above-mentioned changes comprised a highly complicated set of activities, which were to be executed not only in a relatively short time but also simultaneously with numerous changes at the client´s, the team of JPN. consulting was able to complete the reimplementation in cooperation with the KORDÁRNA staff duly and timely. At present HELIOS Green 43 is running in a full operation inside the company, except for the module Manufacturing, which is to do so in spring 2012.

“Information systems have to be developed with a full support and continually, which in fact reflects the very nature of life, which is full of novelties, dynamic changes and continual development,” says Ing. Milan Kočička, JPN. consulting Project Manager. And he adds: “On no account may software be an obstacle. The other way round, it has to provide support for a better decision-making and thanks to this for a better corporate management too. It has to be able to absorb the changes in the processes inside a company and in its environment, as well as new trends and technologies. It has to be built upon the latest technologies with a guarantee of a further development by a strong and stable company. HELIOS Green on the latest Microsoft .NET technologies has lived up to these expectations fully.”


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