How Outsourcing Helps?

How Outsourcing Helps?

Outsourcing is a natural consequence of globalization. It is an essential component of a free market. Regardless of the populist articulations of politicians who get votes by instilling fear in the people, the truth is that you lose more jobs by being uncompetitive in the world market than by not outsourcing. If the rest of the world is outsourcing and getting the best at cheapest rates, you will be eased out of the market. You will then lose more jobs that those you are trying to save by not outsourcing. Globalization is today’s reality and we have to face it. There is no going back.

There is absolutely no difference between team members of providers and the team of customers abroad. There are no insiders and outsiders. It is just in the mind as loyalty in not the monopoly the employees who may leave at the drop of a hat or bleed the company by unethical practices. Loyalty has to do with principles and ethics and not with geographic location. It is a matter of the heart, foresight and long term thinking.

Businesses and professionals have a lot to gain from outsourcing:

You increase your capacity many folds as you have people to help you with marketing, execution, administration, business intelligence and whatever you always wanted to do but didn’t know how and when to do it.

You pay for only what you get. You don’t pay for time spent in politicking, gossiping, breaks, insurance, space, equipment, administration and legal issues.

Cost of exit from an arrangement is less. There are no compensations to be paid to a departing employee.

You have more and varied knowledge and experience of your service provider available to you. Many business and performance improvement ideas are thrown up in the win-win collaboration we have with clients. Providers may have engineers, management consultants, published authors, researchers and people with techno- commercial international experience of decades in industry all available at a fraction of minimum wage in US. Many business and performance improvement ideas are thrown up in the win-win collaboration providers have with their clients.

Like all products of progress and technology in the modern world, there is a lot to gain if you handle outsourcing carefully and effectively and a lot to lose if you don’t. Outsourcing has come to stay, the earlier we come out of denial, the better it is for us.

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