Hungarian New Website To Help Children’s Safe Web Browsing

Hungarian New Website To Help Children’s Safe Web Browsing

(MTI) – Internet service providers will soon launch a new interactive website designed to help children with the basics of online security.

The content on will be different for each age group. The website will teach 5-6-year-olds the basics of the web by letting them put together their own videos.

The more adept hungarian 8-12-year-olds will be able to use their previously acquired skills in learning how to avoid harmful pages and how to find useful information.

The website will provide them with entertainment such as interesting videos, games, music and useful learning tools, the Budapest-registered International Children’s Safety Service (NGYSZ) told MTI.

Parents may also want to get involved, and will have a FAQ section geared specifically towards them. The website will also have articles on cyberpsychology and how to solve problems relating to browsing.

Otthonaneten is a collaborative effort by UPC, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH), the Safer Internet Programme and NGYSZ, with support from the Public Educational Presidential Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the UNICEF Hungarian National Committee.

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