IBA Group Presents its AFC System

IBA Group Presents its AFC System

From September 29 to September 30, IBA Group participated in the Smart Ticketing & Transport (Billettique et Transports) conference held in Paris, France.

In its 15th year, this international event covered the issues related to interoperability, new payment channels, the business case of using credit cards in transport, and the latest developments in the cities that are interested in deploying smart card schemes.

In addition, participants in the conference summarized and shared their experience of implementing ticketing solutions, and a number of sessions focused on innovative services and multi–purpose applications.

IBA Group presented the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system that is underway in Minsk public transport. Based on the L3 Mifare Plus technology, the system is operated in more than 2,500 transport vehicles.

IBA Group developed and manufactured the software and hardware needed for the creation of an AFC system based on the Mifare Plus technology, including card validators, inspector terminals, and a card issuing solution.

To date, the AFC acceptance infrastructure comprises in total 20,000 card validators, paper ticket validators, and onboard computers.

The POS (point of sale) network consists of 400 devices and 400 inspector terminals are used to check fares in public transport.

The IBA AFC system automates all payment processes at transport organizations, offers flexible tariff plans, and can be integrated with different information systems.

Source: IBA Group
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