IT Help Desk: When to Outsource

IT Help Desk: When to Outsource

Many business leaders wonder whether it’s best to handle IT help desk services in-house or opt for IT outsourcing. The following is a look at the benefits of outsourcing your IT Help Desk, plus an analysis of which kinds of companies should and should not outsource their IT help desks.

IT Help Desk Outsourcing Benefits

Useful reporting tools. Because they specialize in providing IT outsourcing, many providers of IT help desk services offer reporting tools that your company may find helpful. For example, your marketing department may appreciate learning which products customers inquire about most often when calling your IT help desk. Some companies even offer complete transcripts and records of every customer call they answer.

Additional managerial controls for your network. Setting outsourced IT help desk services often involves adding new IT structures to allow your outsourcing partner to better help customers. In this way, outsourcing your IT help desk makes your whole network more controllable and dependable.

Better user communication. Because IT help desk providers are specialists in helping customers, outsourcing your help desk services often results in improved communication with users.

Lower costs. The ultimate benefit of outsourcing IT help desk services is that it usually saves companies money.

When it Makes Sense to Outsource Your IT Help Desk Services

Outsourcing IT help desk services is especially wise in the following situations:

1. When your users tend to have common questions. If your customers have a propensity to ask the same questions over and over again, IT outsourcing is a great idea. This makes it easier for your outsourcing partner to answer customer questions in a consistent way.

2. When you need more time to focus on core business processes. If your workers are spending too much time answering IT questions and not enough time building the heart of your business, it may the perfect time for IT outsourcing.

3. If you can’t afford to create an IT help desk in-house. Setting up an IT help desk can be a lot of work, and many companies simply can’t afford to purchase the infrastructure needed to create an in-house call center.

When Not to Outsource your IT Help Desk Services

IT outsourcing for help desk services is less beneficial for companies in the following circumstances:

1. Your company uses complicated, proprietary IT solutions. If your technology is new, proprietary or widely unknown to the outside world, your employees will probably be best equipped to answer customer questions.

2. Your business has fewer than 200 employees. If your company has fewer than 200 employees, you probably don’t see a high volume of calls from customers with questions, and it may therefore make the most sense to keep your IT help desk in-house.

3. You see customer backlash from outsourced IT services. If there is any customer backlash from IT outsourcing, you should either switch to a new IT help desk vendor or have employees answer questions in-house.

By following the tips above, you can find an IT help desk situation that saves your company money and keeps your customers engaged.

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