IT specialists from Lithuania shared experiences in Silicon Valley (USA)

IT specialists from Lithuania shared experiences in Silicon Valley (USA)

IT specialists of a group of companies “Penki kontinentai” that has been operating in IT and banking technology sectors for more than two decades visited Silicon Valley in the USA.

At the meetings with such partners as “Cisco Systems”, EMC, “NetApp” and “Vmware”, the guests shared experience, discussed about trends and perspectives in the IT market.

According to Tomas Okmanas, Head of the System Administration Department of the group of companies, the most popular topic of discussions was cloud technology.

“During the meetings with our partners, we had an opportunity to learn more about their cloud products and share our experiences. Major focus during the discussions was on the capability of cloud solutions to cost-efficiently and effectively manage data, the amount of which is growing at staggering rates.

Over the past two years, 90 percent of all data in the world were generated. Moreover, as many as 99 percent of them are digital. Therefore, our cloud software solutions are an excellent opportunity to expand one’s resources depending on one’s needs by investing in hardware and, thereby, to manage an increased data flow”,

said T. Okmanas.

According to the specialist, business needs faster data transfer and accessibility, while IT companies require spacious, convenient and safe storage media for the data of their customers. Thus, great attention was paid to these topics during the meetings.

The specialists discussed data compression, deduplication and learned more about the concept of a hybrid data array being developed.  Moreover, software is becoming more and more important in data arrays, thus a trend of transferring data arrays to a cloud is developing. According to the data of “Cisco Systems”, in 2017, two thirds of all data centres in the world will be located in clouds.

Yet another emerging trend is an increasing attention of IT specialists to software for the centralized device management, which can replace a great number of costly technical devices.

“We had an opportunity to learn more about Software-Defined Network (SDN) technology, which is still being discovered by the businesses. This is an innovative software-managed data transfer network technology enabling centralized remote management of data, fast data transfer and virtualization of physical network resources, such as servers, data centres and workstations”,

explained T. Okmanas.

This was the second time, when the specialists of the company “Penki kontinentai” shared their insights and experiences in Silicon Valley.

When summing up the results of this year’s visit, specialists of “Penki kontinentai” highlighted the fact that knowing and monitoring the global IT trends is the only strategy for companies to offer their customers solutions that best meet their needs, help to optimize and expand the business and remain competitive under current conditions of the market.

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